Harbor is an ecash desktop wallet for better bitcoin privacy.

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Ecash is the original digital payments privacy technology, and with bitcoin it's better than ever. Harbor lets you use ecash mints easily.

Harbor home screen


Deposit and withdraw on your terms using existing wallets. Ecash mints can send and receive bitcoin on-chain and via lightning.

Harbor receive screen


All communication runs over Tor. It's just you and the mints, no middleman. Harbor also generates a funds privacy score to guide your withdrawal timing.

Harbor privacy score


Spread your funds seamlessly across multiple mints and let Harbor manage the balances.

Harbor multiple mints


With the funds privacy score, Harbor suggests when to move your funds. Harbor can even run in the background and move your funds automatically.

Harbor transfer screen

User funded

Harbor is open source. Mutiny doesn't touch any of the transactions or collect fees. Support development of Harbor and ensure freedom tech is available for all.